About Treasures Hotel and Suites

Treasures Hotel and Suites is a family-run Siheyuan (Chinese central-courtyard) style boutique hotel in the heart of Malacca City, Malaysia. A seamless fusion of raw industrial, Balinese and heritage design elements give the hotel its unique character.


Built with large rooms, bathrooms, and beds, the hotel is great for couples, friends, and families of any size. Treasures Hotel and Suites is just a stone’s throw away from UNESCO World Heritage sites: The Stadthuys and Jonker Street, and is surrounded by excellent restaurants.


To deliver quality service to you, we have four core focuses:

  • Quality Service and Guest Experience
  • Your Tribe/Family and Kinship
  • Quality Design and Sustainability
Our History

The building was built in the 1930s with a major refurbishment and extension in 2017.


We (the family which runs Treasures Hotel and Suites) knew that we wanted something which called to memory our past, but yet co-existed with modern elements–much like our own large family which is currently in its 4th Generation since our venerable patriarch step foot on the then port city-state of Malacca about a century ago.


That desire now reflects prominently in the interior design of the hotel, which brings together heritage motifs, sleek and textured concrete, and tropical greenery into a seamless work of art in the form of a living space.


‘Renewal’ as a theme also plays a big part in the hotel. We have used pieces high-quality wood of the original shophouse (old buildings characteristic of Malaysian cities, in which there is a shop lot for commerce on the ground level and a home on the upper) to create furnishing and artwork at Treasures Hotel and Suites. An example of such a recycled-wood furniture is showed in the form of the table above.

Neighbourhood Photos

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