Every reservation booked on treasureshotel.com is guaranteed to have the best rates publicly available on the Internet. If you find a lower publicly available rate within 24 hours of booking your hotel room on treasureshotel.com and at least 48 hours prior to your arrival date for the same hotel, date(s), room type, number of guests and with the same term and conditions, let us know and we will honor the lower rate PLUS issue you a, or several, room discount voucher(s) worth MYR 20-50 (depending on room type) or an upgrade on your initial room type!

Terms & Conditions

Guest must have a valid and confirmed reservation that is booked online via treasureshotel.com

The claim must be submitted via email/phone and must be received within 24 hours from the confirmation of the guest’s booking on our website, and at least 48 hours prior to the guest’s scheduled arrival.

Claimants have to provide clear screenshots of the competing websites showing the competing room rate, with the same hotel name, room type, and booking date before a claim procedure can begin. Claims without necessary documentation as specified above will be classified as invalid.

The following conditions must apply in a comparison between treasureshotel.com and the competing website:

  •  Same Room Type
  •  Same Period of stay
  •  Same Advance purchase requirements, prepayment and deposit requirements (if any)
  •  Same Cancellation and Amendment Policies.

Both the original treasureshotel.com online booking room rate and the Competing Price must be based on a daily room rate only without any other inclusions such as packages, transportation, other services, etc. The Best Rate Guarantee is not applicable if the price difference is due to, but not limited to, currency exchange rate fluctuations or rounding applied on the competing website.

Treasures Hotel and Suites will not process any claims if the competing rate is 3% less than the previously “confirmed rate”. Foreign exchange fluctuation may cause the difference in the rates displayed or sold online.

Rooms on the competing website must be publicly available; viewable and bookable on the Internet at the time of verification. Treasures Hotel and Suites reserves the right to deny a claim if the availability of a Competing Price cannot be verified at the time of processing the claim.

The Best Rate Guarantee offer to match the Competing Price with an additional 10 percent discount is applicable only for the length of stay and room nights originally requested and excludes taxes, gratuities and any other charges that may be incurred during the guest’s stay. Once confirmed, The Best Rate Guarantee reservation is non-refundable and non-cancellable. Upon confirmation, Treasures Hotel and Suites will make amendments to the guest’s booking and follow-up with an email to inform guest of the relevant changes.

Treasures Hotel and Suites has the sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim, including without limitation, determining, that the Competing Price is genuinely available and the claim meets all term and conditions. In case of dispute, Treasures Hotel and Suites’s decision is final. The terms of Treasures Hotel and Suites’s Best Rate Guarantee are subject to change or revocation at any time. While instruction in other language is available, the terms and conditions of their Best Rate Guarantee are based on the final English-language version of said rulings and are subject to change or revocation at any time.

Exclusion Clauses

1. Any private, packaged or promotional rates.

2. Unpublished, negotiated rates with corporations, travel agencies, associations or other rates that are specifically agreed upon by Treasures Hotel and Suites to a specified and limited group are not publicly available.

3. Rates that are not available to the general public, which includes but are not limited to:

  • Group, Government, Long Stay or any other specially negotiated rate.
  • Any rates available on opaque or auction websites
  • Any rates or offers for member (in any form) through email marketing, membership programs or marketing channels and affiliates.
  • Any rates differences resulting from loyalty programs, private membership privileges, or rewards schemes.
  • Any social media member rate
  • Any organization with exclusive rates intended for a specific group of individuals and are not meant for the general public
  • Rates offered by opaque providers (e.g. Hotwire, Priceline) that do not provide the name or location of the hotel until after a reservation has been made;
  • Rates offered on last minute or late check-in portals, apps or websites.
  • Hotel reserved the right to offer a last-minute deal within 72 hours, compliant with condition 1.
  • Mobile OTA rates
  • Special Online Travel Agent reward program rate

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